About Me

Hi Folks!!

I'm Naresh Khoisnam and this is my Blog. What I'm doing here in this blog is making a written record of what went through my mind on certain incidents in life so that I can later in life read all these and recollect the memories. In short I'm managing a personal record of the important incidents of my life and is not limited to that.

Below are some of my information:
  • Name - Naresh Singh Khoisnam
  • Sex - Male
  • Marital Status - Single
  • Birth Day - 10th December 1986
  • Parents
    • Father - Bimol Singh Khoisnam
    • Mother - Aruna Devi Khoisnam (Tingnu)
  • Siblings - Satish Singh Khoisnam, Nandita Devi Khoisnam
  • Aunts - Binaca Devi Khoisnam, Kunjabati Devi Khoisnam, Kamala Devi Khoisnam
  • Cousins - Ronnie Sharma Aribam, Rahul Sharma Aribam, Shweta Sharma Aribam
  • Occupation - Student/Content Writer
  • Institution - School of Open Learning, Delhi University
  • Primary Schooling - Soikholal Ideal High School
  • Middle Schooling - Blue Star Academy, St. Joseph's School & Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Tuinom
  • High Schooling - Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Tuinom
  • Secondary Schooling - Sielmat Christial Higher Secondary School
  • Hobbies - Singing, Reading, Writing, Sketching, Photography
I'm a very humorous person and at times I tend to hurt people expecting the same sense of humor from them.

Apologies m(_ _)m