Friday, March 02, 2012

Oh Holy Holi

On face
On a race
To catch the best
with steps without retrace.
Angry though with smiles they protest-
With nerdiest of grins, we have them arrest.
Smeared them faces with hands, the powdered beryl hue.
Perverts fill their minds with thoughts to molest-
Filthy hands groping for their breast.
Not I, I'm not Scapegrace-
Nor breast obsessed.
Shirts displace,

Thursday, March 01, 2012

You Should Have Said

Yearn to hold thy trembling hands;
Over turbulent seas and scorching sands
Unlike all, never you utter'd a sound.

Sugar sweet is your healing word;
Humble, honest, heart of gold-
Only not you speak your heart.
Unaware that your hands are cold.
Love you showered upon me
Dear I'm here don't you see?

Had I known, you would change
Anger in your eyes is really strange.
Vindicate me from this mystery-
Expel me from this misery.

Stayed despite all hints,
And for years I pled.
If I wasn't the charming prince-
Dear, you should have said.