Monday, February 13, 2012


Pebbles in my hands
Naked Feet inside the sands
Watching others swim.

Shallow pond at home
There I Jumped inside alone
Thought I learnt swimming.

The next day with friends
The river deep I descend,
Leaped before I think.

Black is all around
What's that gurgling sound?
I think I'm drowning.

Which side is dry land?
Nothing feels my grappling hand.
I'm dead or dying?

I had a brief glimpse
Land or magic of the imps.
Nope I can feel land.

Something caught my limb
It is she, she who can swim.
Saved to live again.


  1. Nice try haikuing! Bring it on!

    But why do you use this template? It's so girlish, teeny weeny type, you know with lots of PINK and red and yellow. Be a Man! (Listen to Russell Peters, what I mean :D)

    1. Hahaha "p a man" yeah I'll switch on to another template. Tomorrow. Thanks anyway :)

  2. lolz at Kappa's pink comment.. And a big thumbs up on your haiku.. drowning at pond's haiku.. so smartly written!

    1. I had the same thought too. I have limited took designing a template. So need to pick up from elsewhere. Thanks :)

  3. perfect it, especially the last para. keep blogging

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