Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lines of Anger Written the 30th November, 2011

A tint of anger sparked from the Chasm-
Accompanied by the clear saline fluid;
Seeking to kill, torture the crowd morbid
Clenched fists, mumbling mouth henceforth the schism.
Silenced, being fed from a mother’s bosom-
A brother grins when the other’s rabid;
Calls to kill, yet mother’s teachings forbid
When is the day, day of cataclysm?
No holy book or preaching regained peace-
This calls for a bitter better technique
A modus operandi to slay Cain.
Cain has killed, is killing and never cease-
It’s time that we put a stop to this streak.
Sorry mom, I disregard your Ordain.


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