Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blackened Hands

Curious what's in the next room,
Aroused by the clanking sound,
Slowly creeps he, heart pounding;
Down came the rice pot bounding.
startled by it, stares around,
Empty stomach and it's noon.
His own blackened tender hand(s)
Down on the floor on damp land
Half-Naked draggy torso,
Searched the pot for a morsel-
Pots, Bowls, jars and all vessel
Not a grain nor a paisa.
Once he was scourged by hunger-
Now I'll treat him with Burger.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Modern Arrow

blood smeared hands

Crying, brother on his shoulder
Blood smeared T-shirt gives tongue-
That something went awry "Oh! Mother"
"Li'l bro's not saying a thing"
"I wanted to hear him sing"
Never to be heard is the voice young.

"Oh God! what have you done?"
Mother voiced her sorrow
"We were playing, having fun"
"I last saw brother jumping-"
"Our favorite song he was singing"
Silenced by the modern arrow.

Mother!! Prepare thyself-
Another bullet awaits your son.
Brother!! Get new T's for yourself
Or tell li'l bro to dodge the gun.