Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Priceless Job

crying mother earth
Red and green are the leaves,
In bundles they would pay
And for your tea they would say
“My son would now be an Inspector”
Says the farmer but his tractor
And other things, bartered from whence came
Bundles of red and green leaves.
“Life from now will never be the same”.
Whispered the happy mother’s heart.
Long awaited time, is now here
“My son’s name in the list is nowhere”
Father died from an attack of heart-
Mother and Son rendered homeless.
All just for a Job so priceless.


  1. Absolutely kick-ass blog! SO inspiring... love it! I'm following you now... :) check mine out if you have time, and keep up the great posts!



  2. Thanks!! I've followed yours, loved it.