Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Life Rewards Itself - We Know Not

I'm not complaining of my Life-
It's that I don't get what I strife.
Life's not always what it seems
Dreams always remain dreams.

Many a lass in life I met,
Not a single I can bet
But You with that charming Smile
Swept my feet across a mile.

Life slowly rewards itself
What am I to lament of myself?
Many a change still to come-
And my heart, still handsome.

Now, our ways parted,
If future's in hand, you'll be seated-
On the couch of my warm heart
Uninformed of the pangs of this wintry earth.

I can tell this for I-
See it in your eye(s)
Somewhere you feel for me
And the love still can be-
Resurrected. And you know-
Genuine is my love, forever and now.


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