Wednesday, July 20, 2011



"Gyan tao, ngaosinnaganu"
Am I ever destined to become?
Resting under shade in a country;
Always melancholic and lonesome,
Scribbling magical words of Poetry.
Never thought I'll ever be-
Consumed, bound with responsibilities.
However strong I pretend to be,
What haunts me is life's complexities.
Dear ones the other side
Conscience is but a receeding tide.
Please them or please myself-
The two conflicting resolutions.
Mind occupied by confusions,
Level the rift, my well-being too?
For them are my health and Wealth.
I'm SPOILT, that's not so true.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love and The Question

Know not you, this'll hurt,
He not there by your side.
Wayward home, excited heart-
Emotions inside you can't hide.
Recalling the one you dear,
Hoping that the day'll come.
Waiting eyes brimmed with tears-
Comes not he, your handsome.
Hurt was he, the Betrayal;
Scattered dreams – the palace royal.
Hardened heart over the past;
Fall again for the last.
Will same fate befall him?
Will love be ever-more grim?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Life Rewards Itself - We Know Not

I'm not complaining of my Life-
It's that I don't get what I strife.
Life's not always what it seems
Dreams always remain dreams.

Many a lass in life I met,
Not a single I can bet
But You with that charming Smile
Swept my feet across a mile.

Life slowly rewards itself
What am I to lament of myself?
Many a change still to come-
And my heart, still handsome.

Now, our ways parted,
If future's in hand, you'll be seated-
On the couch of my warm heart
Uninformed of the pangs of this wintry earth.

I can tell this for I-
See it in your eye(s)
Somewhere you feel for me
And the love still can be-
Resurrected. And you know-
Genuine is my love, forever and now.