Saturday, June 04, 2011

My Friend and She

"Boi nanggi phone...."

Shaken, hearing his voice,
On the screen, image of my choice.
Confused why they're together;
I remember we swore to each other.

What's behind the cunning mind?
In his charm hope she's not blind.
Cunning mind, a friend of mine;
Falling for gold of the same mine.

Lost in thought, took the wrong road,
Mind heaved with suspicious load;
Made to the place, Mac D,
There, with him stands my lady.

Mac D, place where young birds meet;
Who of the two gave the treat?
Among'em feeling unwanted.
Unconvinced she's being dated.

Like good girl said she to me-
"It's friends reunion, you and we"
Long time friendship on a halt;
Bitter friendship void of salt.

It's five past ten minus one-
here comes the seven one one.
"Gotta go guys I'm getting late"
Wanna say don't go but fate.

At the stand with cunning mind;
Eyes on her as of mine.
Anticipating the goodbye wave,
So the image in our minds we can save.
Waved she from the inside,
Both reluctant outside.

Whom was she waving at?


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